Best Lesbian Erotica

I love this series.

I have been honored to have my stories published in it, and to be an editor for two — and soon, three! — of the volumes.

Call for Submissions!
Best Lesbian Erotica Volume 5 (2021)
due October 31, 2019

Editions I’ve edited:

Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year Volume 4 will be released in December 2019! Keep an eye out for a blog tour & book tour.

Best Lesbian Erotica 2012 was edited by Kathleen Warnock, and selected and introduced by me. That means that Kathleen read all the story submissions, then sent me her top favorites, and I read through those and chose from there. I remember vividly running into Kathleen and telling her I had received the stories, but that they kind of weren’t … dirty enough. Didn’t she have some other raunchy, dirty, rough stories? And she did. She sent more over to me and we came up with the final lineup from there.

Here’s my introduction to the series:

I know what I want.

I knew exactly what I was looking for when I read the submitted stories for this anthology: dirty, smutty, smart about gender, smart about power, packed full of sex with the bare necessary descriptions of setting and context, and, oh yeah, good writing. It doesn’t have to be dirty in my personal favorite ways—with sultry accoutrements and costuming like stockings and strappy sandals, or with strap-ons and lots of fucking, or with blow jobs and dirty talk. I like stories where the characters are so turned on and lusty that I feel it too, even if it is not my particular kink or pleasure. I like stories with unique descriptions and rolling prose and insatiable narrators and rising and falling action. I like stories where I want to recreate the action for myself, when I am inspired by the delicious positions and settings and words.

Yes, and the words, let’s not forget the words. That’s what these kinds of books are all about, really. If you wanted a quick, easy turn on, you could load up any of dozens of queer porn sites—there is no shortage of real, good queer porn out there these days. But for some of us that is too crass, and a well-done turn of phrase gets us swooning and biting our lips and rubbing our thighs together even more than a dirty video.

I didn’t always know what I wanted. 

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Here’s a little more on my personal history with Best Lesbian Erotica, & it’s huge influence on my erotica writing:

I started collecting them in 2001. I fancied myself a lover of smut and a sex-focused person, but frowned at my itty bitty erotica collection at home. So I started frequenting the lesbian erotica section of my favorite used book store, Twice Sold Tales, on Seattle’s Capitol Hill, which was an equally itty bitty shelf near the floor. The ‘Gay and Lesbian’ section towered in the shelves above it, but I was looking for the bottom-shelf stuff. The dirty stuff. I bought every edition I could find, eventually filling in my collection by ordering the few volumes I was missing online, and still order the newest edition the minute it comes out.

The series now spans 20 volumes with as many different guest editors. It can be hard to pick just which ones to read, or where to start. So, here are three of my favorites.

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Editions which have my stories: