Nominations Open For the 2010 Top Sex Bloggers

Two years in a row now Sugarbutch Chronicles has been included on the annual Top Sex Blogger list, put together by Rori at Between My Sheets (and a team full of judges).

This year, Rori will be retiring sex blogs that have been in the top ten three times. So let’s retire Sugarbutch Chronicles, shall we? Will you please consider nominating this blog?

To nominate bloggers for this list, just leave a comment on Rori’s nomination post. You can also email Rori at [email protected] or DM @SweetRori if you want to keep your nominations private.

This site hasn’t actually been behaving like a sex blog as much lately as it used to be. Remember back in my swingin’ single days when all I did was write about sex sex sex with a little bit of gender and kink thrown in? Oh yeah, and there was all that personal whining about my trauma and how much I don’t trust anybody ever. Well, I don’t really miss that part. And I promise I do still have a very active sex life, and sex and play with Kristen is incredibly fun and fulfilling. I don’t write about it quite as frequently anymore for a couple reasons, but I do still write about it.

Check out my stories to turn you on category, that’s usually where I put the good stuff. And glancing over it, there has been some pretty good stuff this year already …

Lipstick Blow Job:

In my bedroom, I slip on my cock while she reapplies her lipstick. I pull her on top of me as I lay down on the bed and kiss her neck, her face. She gets breathless. Sucks in air as her mouth waters and tongue swells, I can see it, despite her lips already being darkened. I slide two fingers into her mouth, feel her tongue, push them just past the first knuckle so she can lick around the pads with her tongue. She closes her eyes and moans.

Desperation & Dominance:

“I was thinking about … you using me,” she starts in a small voice, quiet, by my ear. I can feel her breath. “Filling me up. Fucking me and fucking me without caring how it was for me. I was thinking about tears streaming down my cheeks, and you not stopping, just … taking me, until you get what you want, and you come.”

Waking Up:

“I woke up with my cock all hard,” I say, low, into her ear. She stirs. My fingers find her cunt, her soft skin and folds, and caress sweetly. She convulses the moment I slip my fingers in. “That’s what I wanted, yeah,” I continue to murmur. “That tight little hole, oh you feel so good.”

And then of course there was the Anal Week series, which was more than a week really, but that I had a lot of fun researching and practicing and playing. I hope those kinds of projects are useful and interesting for you!

If that’s not enough to convince you to nominate Sugarbutch, you can always go back over some of the top posts of all time:

That first one, the most-read post on this whole site, My slutty little girl, has been viewed almost 12,000 times, can you believe it? You readers like it dirty. Dirty dirty dirty. I always suspected that about you.

I haven’t decided entirely who else I’m going to nominate, but if you look through my shared items I’m sure you can see which blogs I read frequently and love. That’s my equivalent of a link list these days, I can’t keep lists of links updated so I’m just using my reader for it. You could call that laziness, but I call it efficiency.

So head on over & nominate me, please, by leaving a comment on Rori’s nomination post and include Sugarbutch’s URL or title. (You can also email Rori at [email protected] or DM @SweetRori if you want to keep your nominations private.) And hey, did I say thank you yet? Thank you!

call for eye candy

I’ve had a few new Eye Candy submissions lately, but generally I’m very low.

If you’ve got a hottie boifriend, butch buddy, best friend, drag king, or other general female masculinity photographs, and want to be featured as eye candy, email me or tag photos with “sugarbutch” on Flickr and make sure they are set to be available with a Creative Commons license.


For all you RSS readers out there, you probably didn’t notice the new animated gif in the sidebar with the Sugarbutch Chronicles swag prominently displayed.

Get  femmes, I butches, and the Sugarbutch Chronicles logo on mugs, hats, tee-shirts, sweatshirts, undies … all sorts. There’s also a few shirts that have “sugar” on the front and “butch” on the back (I like those).

And, of course, there’s some Sugarbutch Star merch as well … including some little one-inch buttons with a star, those are perhaps my favorites. I ordered some for the Sugarbutch Star contest finalists, and I custom-made a shirt for the winner, too. I’m planning to do another contest starting in August.

I’ve got some plans for a few more slogans I want to put up, too, but haven’t finished the designs yet. If you have particular requests, let me know and I’ll consider it!

Couple more things:

I updated the Community page; if you run a blog about sex, gender, or relationships, or queer politics, or gender activism, or if you comment often here, and I am not listing you, please do let me know and I’ll add your link. I don’t keep up with that list very frequently, mostly I’m using the Google RSS reader to share new and interesting sites and articles from around the web (that’s over in the left-hand sidebar).

Someone left a comment recently looking for a tux for a girl in New York City. Cookie writes:

My lady and I are getting married at the end of next year and I’m having an awfully hard time finding a tux to wear. I’m a curvy girl that would like a tux cut for a woman that will fit those curves. Do you know of any queer-friendly places in NYC to buy/have one made?

Any suggestions?