Blowfish Giveaway: Two DVDs

Blowfish is simply “good products for great sex,” and they are the producers of some of the best queer porn and experimental sexuality DVDs currently available. They want to start doing more giveaways through Sugarbutch … so here’s your chance to win something awesome!

I’ve reviewed both Crash Pad Series Volume 4 and The Barcelona Sex Project here on Sugarbutch, and they are both very much worth watching. I go back to the Crash Pad Series especially quite often.

I’ll select TWO different folks at random on Tuesday September 1st to win one or the other of these DVDs. To enter, leave a comment on this post, and tell me some awesome sexy thing you did this summer, or plan to do this summer, or wish you would’ve done this summer. Easy enough, right?

Thanks, Blowfish!

Published by Sinclair Sexsmith

Sinclair Sexsmith (they/them) is "the best-known butch erotica writer whose kinky, groundbreaking stories have turned on countless queer women" (AfterEllen), who "is in all the books, wins all the awards, speaks at all the panels and readings, knows all the stuff, and writes for all the places" (Autostraddle). ‚ÄčTheir short story collection, Sweet & Rough: Queer Kink Erotica, was a 2016 finalist for a Lambda Literary Award. They identify as a white non-binary butch dominant, a survivor, and an introvert.

76 thoughts on “Blowfish Giveaway: Two DVDs”

  1. Ally says:

    I was topped by two fantastic Dommes at once… Mindblowing.

  2. Libby says:

    I went out in drag last night and humped the thighs of some highly attractive femmes with the rainbow socks I'd stuffed in my tuxedo pants. :D

  3. aJenniferOriginal says:

    Got fisted. A LOT.

  4. Ladycakes says:

    Took advantage of an empty subway car. ;)

  5. Maggie says:

    Wish I would have been less of a lady and let my (ridiculously sexy, but also very drunk) escort at my first Big Gay Event finish what she started.

  6. MoFoLoco says:

    I have been fantasizing about being topped by the woman at work in between the stacks of textbooks after she pulls me down from the ladder.

  7. lilly says:

    Switched out our bed for one with lots of interesting tie points.

  8. phylum says:

    Gave a friend a long, thorough spanking, while my girlfriend looked on. Then spanked her till I was winded. I felt high for hours.

  9. SBJ says:

    This is going to be one of those things where it's so wrongful it's right: My tomboy took me with her to visit her family, and while we were there she taught me how to load and shoot a gun. Set up a target for me and everything.

    Turns out I'm a pretty damn good shot.

    If that's not hot and sexy, then I don't know what to tell y'all.

  10. Mugsie says:

    I got trained on how to do ball-busting with a phonebook and how to use various e-stim toys. Violet wands are awesome! I never knew!

  11. e says:

    don't know how it took me so long but i discovered that i love to be spanked!

  12. the femme top says:

    I’m buying a leash right now, and I’ll be using it real soon. Does that count? ;)

  13. Amber says:

    I’ve met up with my man ButchtasticKyle. Twice. That’s two doses of super freakin’ sexy, right there. Mmmm I’m coming up on needing another sexy fix…

  14. dee Leitner says:

    The porn I was in as a Domme screened at Frameline and Homo-a-go-go here in San Francisco!

  15. TallBond says:

    Went Strap shopping with the Gf, and she ended up buying three.

  16. MsF says:

    I got fucked in the crow’s nest of a mid sized ship. By a sailor. It was really really very fucking hot.

  17. Fran says:

    I wish I would have had the chance to have sex on the beach – totally vanilla, I know, but there’s something about being outside with the cool sand and the sound of the water. Nature at its finest!

  18. Amber says:

    This summer I wish I had an opportunity to top the little boy I was seeing one last time

  19. Julie says:

    I got to play with a new toy over and over and over…!

  20. JB says:

    Every break, I always hope that somehow I will run into my first girl crush and we will make something happen.

  21. Dawn says:

    Getting fisted next to the campfire on our last camping trip tops the list so far, but we're going camping again over Labor Day so who knows what kind of trouble we'll get into. ;)

  22. Katrina says:

    Last week, I went to fundraiser for a new group geared towards education and rights for sex workers myself and a few other workers have started in response to an arrest. There I met a woman visiting from Vancouver. She asked me home with her and when I told her I'd never been to the mountains before, she invited me to drive back with her in two days(!!!) I ended up spending three days on the road with her and her dog, camping for the first time and a day and a half in the mountains, in the city of Banff on my own. She actually provided my accomodations and bus ticket back to my home. It was a pretty great adventure.

  23. Lisa says:

    Naked swimming and naughty fun in my girlfriend's swimming pool!

  24. makai says:

    I wish I had done a lot of "sexy" things this summer. One being to take my GF to Austin and recreate the first time we met, 5 years ago. Same hotel, same EVERYTHING. Except this time we'd be SHARING ONE room.

  25. Roxy says:

    I spent an entire day with Kyle *not* having sex. Spending so much time with someone you desperately want to touch and grope and kiss and not doing it – that's damn infuriatingly sexy.

  26. Joy says:

    This summer, I did the following things (among other things) with my beautiful genderfucking lover:

    Went to see a burlesque show at a gay club.

    Went to a pirate-themed fetish event, for which she dressed in drag. And she flogged me. Really, really well.

    Felt her hand at my throat, and shivered.

  27. Max says:

    A friend's uber evangelical family was away on a mission to convert the heathen of Ecuador so we all threw a big gay party at their house while they were gone. We even all went skinny dipping in their hot tub. When christ's away the queers will play, right?

  28. j says:

    I'm finally dating someone small enough that I can fuck them standing up, against walls, etc:) Awesome score.

  29. Ayzie says:

    I had a wonderful, relaxed evening sitting on a terrace with my two boyfriends. They then both came back to my place, where we had drinks and things got progressively threesome-ier.

  30. oh, randomly pick me for the crash pad series!

    something sexy i’ve done this summer?
    one of my favorites was watching my gf
    flash me in public
    in a very naughty way

  31. bx says:

    two things:

    learned how to really work the mr. man during a blowjob to make a normally stoic partner say, "that is the best thing that has ever happened to me in the history of life."

    three rest stops while on a road trip. out back, pushed up or tied to a tree. a 9 hour trip became 12. iowa has a surprising amount of forestry at its rest stops.

  32. Rodger says:

    I would've really loved a circle jerk/fuck fest with all the cool guys I slept with this summer, but I would've kept one special man to myself – most gorgeous man, from head to toe to cock I've ever seen.

  33. Ruth says:

    While on family vacation at beach, had sex in hotel bed while people slept (hopefully, I'll never ask) in the other bed. had to be VERY painfully quiet, but it was super sexy.

  34. this summer hasnt been nearly as sexy as it shouldve, but a video would help!

  35. what fun to read through

    everyone's responses!

  36. Adelai says:

    While the partner was visting–recieved cunninglingus for the first time, and wish I hadn't been too nervous of screwing up to give.

  37. JL says:

    My gf and I broke two beds with our *vigorous* activities this summer. TWO.

  38. Brook M says:

    When my partner got back from a two-week trip to another continent, we spent the whole next day in and around our bed, talking and touching and laughing and stroking and… oh it was so fun.

  39. femme in butch cloth says:

    informed my (somewhat sheltered, but no less hot for it) gf of the existence of crotchless panties. if i'd realized she didn't even know about them, i would've just surprised her by wearing some. have a feeling it will be fine anyway… ;)

  40. Ruby says:

    The fisting was amazing. But the beating and bruising and biting of my ex was such a cathartic sexy session.

  41. JLS says:

    perfecting the swing of my hips as I fuck. hard, hard, slow, pull out, hard, hard, slow, pull, then hard, hard, hard, hard, pull, real slow to a hard hard hard hard finish.

    next month is cunninglingus 'til she screams

  42. tony says:

    actually met someone who i had awesome chemistry with and we fucked like bunnies for almost the entire weekend.

  43. Skij says:

    My girlfriend and I were at a dyke bar as we usually are, and we ran into this spectacularly gorgeous young gay boy with lined eyes and tattooed sleeves on both arms. I'd never been so attracted to a man in my entire life, we brought him to home with us and had a really beautiful, experimental, queer threeway with him. Highlight of the summer :)

  44. mod wolf says:

    wore my gf like a hockey mask during the Stanley Cup. made the game way more interestiing.

  45. Birdie says:

    So many to choose from, but one moment stands out. My long distance lover and I had already been fucking around for a couple of hours and I was due to fly out at 6 am. Midnight found her standing in the bedroom door in a full Mountie uniform, single-tail in hand, saying "Sit on your hands". Later, while being fisted as I was bent over the bed, I squirted all over her boots. Then I licked my come from her boots. Um….we played around for at least another hour after that.

    Then there was walking home hand-in-hand after a play party, her in cop drag and myself in sailor drag. Chemistry, aptitude, and mutual needs are wonderful things when they are combined!

  46. Tinkerbell says:

    met someone who can hold both my wrists with one hand.

  47. jaleelah says:

    my boi and i have a date to the bondage club coming up…

  48. Lauren says:

    I fucked outdoors for the first time, recieved my first vibrator for my birthday, and started to find out how amazing bdsm can be. Things are looking up, haha.

  49. damn. after reading all that, I don’t know if my summer compares. Yeah, it does. bought a collar and relished welts for the first time. yum. sign me up, baby!

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