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Hi! I’m Sinclair.

I’m a queer butch, feminist dominant, identity theorist, strap-on expert, and a poet. Since 2006, I’ve been writing here about power dynamics, kink, personal empowerment, and activism. I love the intricacies of reconciling feminism and BDSM practices, and of getting and keeping a really satisfying sex life. No—not just satisfying, but mind-blowing. Oh, and I write lots of dirty erotica, too.


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Glad Day Bookshop + Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year Volume 6 Reading

Come join us tomorrow to hear some delicious queer smut read out loud, and celebrate the release of Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year volume 6!

Online reading with Glad Day Bookshop
Thursday, February 3rd, 2022
7pm ET / 4pm PT
Featuring Titus Androgynous, Kel Hardy, Meka James, and Quenby
with Sinclair Sexsmith
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About the Readers

TITUS ANDROGYNOUS is a writer, multi-disciplinary performer and drag king from Toronto, Canada. Their writing has appeared on stage, in Xtra and Queeries magazines, and online at

KEL HARDY is a white, gender-indifferent lesbian from Toronto. She co-produces Smut Peddlers, a recurring erotica reading with Glad Day Bookshop, the world’s oldest LGBTQ+ bookstore. She writes erotica in hopes that sex can be reinstated as an essential part of story-telling, as well as to turn people on.

MEKA JAMES is a writer of adult contemporary and erotic romance. A born and raised Georgia Peach, she still resides in the southern state with her hubby of 16 years and counting. Mom to four kids of the two legged variety, she also has four fur-babies of the canine variety. Leo the turtle and Spade the snake rounds out her wacky household. When not writing or reading, Meka can be found playing The Sims 3, sometimes Sims 4, and making up fun stories to go with the pixelated people whose world she controls.

QUENBY is a queer performer, activist, and writer based in Leeds. Their eclectic work uses a range of different artforms to explore themes of gender identity, kink, and queer history. You can find them everywhere at quenbycreatives.

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