Review: Chemistry 3 (DVD)

Chemistry, Volume Three
Directed by Tristan Taormino
Produced by: Smart Ass Productions and Vivid EntertainmentIt’s hard to review porn, because what turns me on visually and what turns you on visually may be very different things. So while I could go on and on about how hot the brunette – Roxy Hart – and her scenes were, you may not think so at all, and might prefer the petite blonde and the way she would perch on a guy’s lap, feet tucked under her, when straddling him.

So, instead of speaking to the contents of the sex scenes – of which there are many – nine – over three hours – I’ll speak to what makes this porn flick different and worthwhile.

Honestly? It’s the plot. There is no ridiculous plot in this film. And as much of a turn-on occasionally role playing can be, I can’t stand those dumb porn plots that attempt to give context to a sex scene. Just come the fuck on, already.

So the premise here is that these six porn stars are thrown together in a house by Tristan Taormino (who I happen to be seriously crushed out on, both herself and the incredible work she does), who then films them – as they also film each other – doing whatever they’d like. Hell, they are professionals: they know how to fuck, and clearly it is a good time to see them going at it, getting into it.

The other piece of the film that is unique and notable is the confessional interviews, where each person speaks to some question about their experience in the industry, doing scenes with people you click or don’t click with, what scenes are fun, what scenes are lousy. It’s a job – and it’s got it perks and downfalls like any other.

I especially enjoyed these segments. I like to know a person, know the context of someone’s desires, as well as to know what’s behind things, and how things work.

I was skeptical when turning on this film because I’m queer, and though I do like watching women in porn, I tend to not like the mainstream porn – even “lesbian” porn – because it usually seems less than authentic. And then there’s the whole penis thing in hetero porn – I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get past that, but really the chemistry and play is so present in these scenes, that it was really easy to get into.

Well worth watching.

Alright, I can’t not say it: the first sex scene between Roxy and Derrek – when they are so hot for each other that they practically lunge at each other out of desire, and the chemistry is through the roof – that scene is seriously hot. There is choking, smacking around, some pain, some mild domination & submission. I’d re-watch that – I have since, and will again.