And the Lezzy Goes To …

The 2009 Lezzy Awards are over, and you all voted Sugarbutch as the Best Sex/Short Story/Erotica site for the second year in a row!

Thank you so much to all who voted and all who mentioned me in the promotions … I’m honored and humbled and promise to keep up the sex and erotica writing. I was a finalist along with my fabulous femme friend Essin’ Em and the lovely lady behind Scintillectual, who I don’t actually know, but I’m certainly going to be reading now. Both blogs are excellent. Jeez, I am so glad to see the abundance of butch and femme and genderqueer and queer sex blogs out there! Nearly four years ago, when I started Sugarbutch, there were very few queer sex blogs.

The competition was fierce this year, and the final winners are all heavy hitters. If you don’t read ’em regularly, you’re missing out.

Best Entertainment: Dorothy Surrenders
Best Humor: Grace the Spot
Best Parenting: Up Popped a Fox
Best Engagement/Wedding: My Big Fat Gay Wedding
Best Feminist/Political: Feministing
Best Personal: Peaches & Coconuts
Best Out Later in Life: Making Space
Best Sex/Short Story/Erotica: Sugarbutch Chronicles
Best New Lesbian Blog: Autostraddle
Best Podcast: The Lesbian Lounge
Lifetime Achievement:

Sincere thanks to all who voted, thanks specifically to Kelly who runs The Lesbian Lifestyle. I continue to be amazed and touched by the support for and the recognition of this site and my efforts, thank you so much for being a part of these larger communities of queer, feminist, sex, and gender explorations.

Two Lezzys!? Really!?

It was all the promised photos of my ass that did it, wasn’t it? I knew it! You all are perverts.

Seriously though, tons of thanks to Kelly at The Lesbian Lifestyle for organizing the Lezzy Awards, to all the finalists, with special shout-outs to Jess I Am and I Am Not Afraid of Winter in the Best Gender Bender Blog category and Geek Porn Girl and Tongue-tied blue for Best Sex/Short Story/Erotica Blog. Tongue-tied Blue and Jess I’ve known for a while, but Geek Porn Girl and Carrot Quinn are new to me, I’ve already got ’em on my reader and I look forward to watching their stories unfold. I’m also a big fan of Weese in the Over-50 category, so, shout-out to her, too.

And congrats to Grace the Spot for taking Dorothy Surrenders in the Humor category – squeaking ahead with 48 votes! (Dorothy got two other awards and was clearly a shoe-in for Entertainment/Culture, I wanted to see Grace with ONE at least!)

Winners were:

Best Lesbian Entertainment/Culture Blog
Dorothy Surrenders

Best Lesbian Humor Blog
Grace the Spot

Best Lesbian Parenting/Wedding Blog
Lesbian Dad

Best Lesbian Personal Blog
This Girl Called Automatic Win

Best Lesbian 50 and Over Blog
just eat your cupcake

Best Lesbian Gender Bender Blog
Sugarbutch Chronicles

Best Lesbian Sex/Short Story/Erotica Blog
Sugarbutch Chronicles

Lesbian Overall Blog of the Year
Dorothy Surrenders

It is now your duty to add us ALL to your blogrolls and/or your readers, because these are some of the best dykey-homo-lezbiotic writings on all of the internet.

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Lezzy Award Finalists!

Sugarbutch Chronicles is a finalist in the 2009 Lezzy Awards, for the categories of Best Gender Bender blog and Best Sex/Short Story/Erotica blog!

Voting: begins TODAY, Wednesday February 11th 9:00 am EDT through February 18th at 11:00 pm EDT
Winners Announced: On Monday February the 23rd at 9:00 am



 The Top 3 Nominees, with my picks in bold:

Best Lesbian Culture/Entertainment Blog:
1. Queerky
2. Dorothy Surrenders
3. Grace the Spot

Best Lesbian Humor Blog
1. Dorothy Surrenders
2. Grace the Spot
3. Your Daily Lesbian Moment

Best Lesbian Parenting/Wedding Blog
1. Up Popped a Fox
2. Lesbian Dad
3. Irreverent Mother

Best Lesbian Feminism/Political Blog
1. Be Yr Own Queero
2. Pam’s House Blend
3. AngryBlackBitch

Best Lesbian Personal Blog
1. Peaches & Coconuts
2. A Brown Girl Gone Gay
3. This Girl Called Automatic Win

Best Lesbian 50 and over Blog
1. CO-GrumpyGranny
2. Weese
3. Just Eat Your Cupcake

Best Gender Bender Blog
1. Sugarbutch Chronicles
2. Jess I Am
3. I Am Not Afraid of Winter

Best Lesbian Sex/Short Story/Erotica Blog
1. Geek Porn Girl
2. Tongue-tied blue

3. Sugarbutch Chronicles

Best Overall Lesbian Blog of the Year
1. Dorothy Surrenders
2. Grace the Spot
3. Up Popped a Fox

Hmmmm, what can I promise you to entice me to voting for me? Photos of my ass?


Nominations for the Lezzy Awards

The Lesbian Lifestyle, a collaborative blog that I (let’s be honest, rarely) contribute to, holds a yearly contest awarding lesbian blogs. The past few years, they’ve had one singular award, the Lesbian Blog of the Year, but this year it is expanded to The Lezzys and includes multiple categories.

Nominations for the Lezzys ends tonight, Monday February 9th, and 11pm EDT. Top three in each category will then go on to be finalists, and voting for that begins on Wednesday, February 11th.

Did you catch that today is your last day to vote? Here’s some of my favorites in each of the categories.

Best Lesbian Culture/Entertainment Blog
Blogs that focus on lesbian culture and the entertainment world

Dorothy Surrenders – I mean, is there any other choice, really?
After Ellen & Our Chart – both kind of large pop-culture blogs, but I don’t know about a lot of little ones.

Best Lesbian Humor Blog
Blogs that take a humorous spin on lesbian life

The LOL Word
Grace the Spot

Best Lesbian Parenting/Wedding Blog
Blogs about lesbian parenting or lesbian weddings or engagements

Lesbian Dad is actually the only one I read. Any other suggestions for me?

Best Lesbian Feminism/Political Blog
Blogs that tackle feminist and political topics

Oh man. I’m completely drawing a blank here. I’m looking over my blogroll and RSS feeds and everything I’m coming up with are political gender blogs, and I know that’s not quite what they mean with this category.

Best Lesbian Personal Blog
Blogs written like a journal about an individuals life experiences

Oh, this is a hard one to narrow down. I listed many of my personal favorites when I asked for that call for contributions to the Feminist Carnival recently, so there’s a good list. Also check out Community for a big ol’ list of many things I read.

Some of my favorites, that I would make sure to seek out:

Just Like Jesse James
Green-Eyed Girl
Don’t Let’s Talk
Jess I Am
Femme FATale

Best Lesbian 50 and over Blog
Blogs written by lesbian women over 50 in all categories

Kate Bornstein’s blog for Teens, Freaks, and Other Outlaws – is actually the only one I read regularly
Got any other recommendations?

Best Gender Bender Blog
Blogs that discuss gender topics and challenge gender as a whole

Let’s not forget that gender challenges & topics are also femme, right, and not just butch, mmkay?

There are many, many, many blogs I love and read daily that fit into this category.

Leo McCool
Packing Vocals 
Femme is my Gender
Essin’ Em
The Femme Show

Best Lesbian Sex/Short Story/Erotica Blog
Lesbian blogs that talk about sex or publish any form of erotica

Tongue-Tied Blue and her fabulous enjambment
Packing Vocals & her other project, Butch/femme BDSM (which isn’t updated very often)
I really liked the smut of Fatgirl Femme, but she’s not really writing or updating much anymore.

Best Overall Lesbian Blog of the Year
The best of the best in lesbian blogging spanning all genres

I’m going to keep my answer to this one quiet. Plus, I think I’ve voted for a different one each time I voted this past week. There are some great active lesbian blogs out there!

Who’d I miss? Who are you voting for?

Halfway through the nomination process, the top three were announced in each category and, as I’m sure you can guess, Sugarbutch Chronicles is listed in both Best Gender Bender Blog and Best Lesbian Sex/Erotica Blog. If you’d be so kind, please do nominate me in one or either or both of those categories. Thank you!

The Lezzys are here!

Nomination for the Lezzy Awards are now open!

During the month of February The Lesbian Lifestyle is happy to host The Lezzys, the webs only all lesbian blog awards! We would like to take this time to welcome new readers to The Lesbian Lifestyle and thank those that have been with us since 2004. TLL is a blog comprised of over 250 lesbian authors that post their stories and tackle monthly topics. The Lezzys are a great way to highlight the best of the best in lesbian authored blogging. For more details on the awards please click here.

2009 Lezzys Time Line

Nominations: Monday February 2nd from 9:00 am EDT through 11:00 pm EDT on the 9th
Voting: Wednesday February 11th 9:00 am EDT through 11:00 pm EDT through the 18th
Winners Announced: Monday February the 23rd at 9:00 am

The categories

Best Lesbian Culture/Entertainment Blog
Best Lesbian Humor Blog
Best Lesbian Parenting/Wedding Blog
Best Lesbian Feminism/Political Blog
Best Lesbian Personal Blog
Best Lesbian 50 and over Blog
Best Gender Bender Blog
Best Lesbian Sex/Short Story/Erotica Blog
Best Overall Lesbian Blog of the Year

Nominations are now open! Click here.

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided within the nominations and voting form. Please make sure to click the link in the confirmation email to make sure your nominations and votes count. If you do not receive a confirmation email please check your email filters and spam folder. The email will be sent from awards @