Sugarbutch is #1 on the Kinkly Erotica Blogs and LGBTQ Blogs Lists

Thank you.

I want to write about how I’m on the list of sex bloggers that Kinkly released at the beginning of this month. And about how I’m holding strong at #3 on their ranked overall list — not the annual one, but their database that calculates popularity. And about how this particular year I’m also on their Reader’s Choice list and on their erotica list and on their queer list. And those last two, I come in at number one.

They’ve been putting out this list for six years, so it isn’t new to me to be on it. I saw the results get posted, saw some chatter about it on social media, tweeted about it, emailed a few things about it, and then kept going. Honestly, I didn’t pay much attention to it. But about a week later, it kind of hit me. Wait … this site is ranked number one? In both the erotica category and the queer category? They’re saying that Sugarbutch is the best queer sex blog on the internet? And the best erotica blog?


Well … Thank you.

I think I want to write this, here, just to let myself sit in the discomfort of acknowledging that for a little bit longer. We don’t usually celebrate our wins enough, you know? And when it hit me, I really wanted to ensure that I “took it in,” somehow. Whatever that means, however you do that.

Sugarbutch is thirteen and a half years old, started in spring 2006 when I was 27. I have grown with it; it has grown with me. Pretty much all the major mistakes of my late twenties & all through my thirties are on here, archived. What I’m doing with it right now is my favorite version of it that has been yet — and, I still don’t know where it’ll go next. I have some ideas, but no set plan; just steering in a direction, aiming for a horizon, and I’ll fine-tune the plan as I go along. The internet is a completely different place now than it was when I started it. If I was starting a project now, this isn’t what I would do. So. I don’t know what’s next, but I’m chewing on it.

The patrons of Sugarbutch know I’ve been chewing on this — this is probably the fourth or fifth time I’ve written about it, and I still don’t have answers. I’m in a transition, though I think that transition is at least five years long, so it’s not immediate.

Being on the Kinkly list again, and being recognized as at the top of the class for what I do, and not being lumped in to all the general sex toy review blogs but being recognized for the particular skills and viewpoint that I bring, is just exhilarating. Thrilling. Gratifying. I’m so grateful. I’m so appreciative that you all keep reading and listening and being curious about the kinds of things I like to study and talk and write about.

So, back to where I started: thank you.

And because sex toy review blogs dominate the sex blog world these days, here are the two supplemental lists from Kinkly focusing on queer and erotica blogs. Check ’em out.

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about the calendar photo shoot

The New York City Sex Bloggers 2009 Calendar photo shoot took place this past Sunday at the Slipper Room, and it was a huge success.

The Slipper Room, if you haven’t been, is a really amazing venue where the New York Burlesque troupe reherses and performs. It’s got fabulous gold and red curtains, iron art-deco railings, velvet booths – the works. Burlesque Night Club & Cocktail Lounge floor manager and DJ, Ken, was in attendance to help with logistics (thanks Ken!).

I frequently admired photographer Stacie Joy for her toppiness of the entire shoot. “What if possibly we …” “No.” Stacie would cut us off. “This is what we’re doing.” Stacie’s assistant darren Mayhem was running around and taking care of all the crazy details with much grace. We had our own scene stylist, Jezebel Express, who, when we were swing dancing toward the end of the day, revealed that she’s got a degree in dance – and given her burlesque talents I’m not so surprised. Though I didn’t work with them, also significant for the shoot were hair stylist Danny K Style and makeup artist Stormy, who was celebrating her 50th birthday and was a freakin firecracker. I can’t wait to see her perform some of her burlesque, I bet she’s amazing. Makeup and hairstyle make such a difference, it’s still a surprise to me – Mariella, for example, looked so much like a classic pinup – I couldn’t get over it.

Speaking of the beautiful pinup girls:

Elizabeth, Tess, Diva. (Oh I love heels.)

Twanna was an amazing little brown courtisan and she’s got such a great smile. (Her outfit made me feel like such a pervert, and I suppose that’s part of the point.) Audacia was so elegant in two different corsets and gloves, Desiree pulled off Jessica Rabbit like you wouldn’t believe. Diva‘s identity was protected, so she had to cuddle up with me for a few of the shots (aw, such a tough life, Sinclair, you’re thinking. I know. The things I do for art). Elizabeth was rockin’ some feisty heels and amazing fishnets, which was all the more glamorous because she’s rarely dressed up all girly like that. Jamye has an even bigger camera personality than she does in person, and one of my favorite moments was when she was doing one-legged push-ups to get her muscles to “pop” prior to her shoot. Hot! Lux was lovely and a bit smoky/mysterious in lots of black, Rachel couldn’t get away from featuring her great ass – and why would she? May as well show it off if you got it, yeah? Mariella showed off her perfect hourglass figure and looked like such a pinup. The feather boa tipped the tall leggy blonde Riese into a serious model, she had such the perfect smile-with-your-eyes Tyra thing. The sadist in me got off as I watched Tess writhe in pain getting her corset laced even tighter, and I even got a chance to smack her ass at the end for a minute.

Oh yeah, and me … well, I’ll tell you there were some fabulous accessories involved in my shoot, including a pocketwatch and a cigar. We’ll see which ones turn out, I think we’re all still waiting for the proofs from Stacie.

Twanna, Desiree, and Diva have their own round-up accounts, and Tess posted to the Sex Blogger Calendar blog about it too.

Today’s the deadline to buy a day on the calendar, so head on over to the Sex Blogger Calendar blog and pray that your birthday or blogiversary or kinkiversary or coming-out-iversary is still available.

It’s going to be a hellofa calendar.