Giveaway: RodeoH Harness!

Hot on the heels of my RodeoH harness review, I was chatting with one of the two girls from the good ol’ Mission District of…

Review: X-Harness

The first time I tried on a chest harness was at a leather festival. I put it on over my tank top and quickly admired…

Review: Jaguar Harness

Everyone rants and raves about the Jaguar harness by Aslan Leather – and I get it, I do: the leather is beautiful, it’s incredibly well-made, it feels like a buttery second skin. It’s snug, it adjusts well and easily, stays in place, it feels pretty good to wear – I could keep going with the general praise. You might just love this harness, many people do. Personally, though, I just prefer one-strap harnesses, so I’m not crazy about this one.

All Of This, Guest Erotica by A. L. Brooks

Content: marriage proposal, transmasc/femme, top surgery, daddy/girl, age play, blow job, fingering, strap-on, fucking, crying, D/s, possession. Characters are consenting adults. Cam proposes to me…

Best of 2021 on Sugarbutch

Unsurprisingly, the dirty Daddy kinky queer smut continues to be the posts with the highest traffic this year — including a variety of guest posts. Thank…

Making Your Strap-On Part of Your Body

When someone straps on, it’s easy for it to feel like an awkward protrusion rather than something connected to their actual body. But there are ways to practice embodying a strap-on so it feels more like you, which can then make it feel more exciting and more connective when using it during play.

Cock Confidence: Uncut with Movable Foreskin

I can’t tell you the number of times folks have asked me about getting a strap-on dildo with foreskin! And while there are some that include the shape of the foreskin in the mold, none of them (that I know of) have foreskin that is movable — until this one!

So, of course, I leapt to purchase it. It’s called King Cock Uncut.