Maverick Press

Future home of boner-provoking dirty queer stories. Maverick Press is a small press aiming to feature erotic stories by and for queers of all spots…

Novella Series

Set of six ebooks in epub and mobi formats.

Published by Maverick Press, 2015

Includes six novellas:
The Dyke in Psych Class: Asher & Jesse
Bois Will Be Bois: Kai & DJ
Begging for More: Mistress Elise Winter & morgan
The Brute and the Brat: Bean & Mickey
The Color of a Bruise: Angie & Fern
Heart Breaks Open: Lauren & Beck

Sweet & Rough: Queer Kink Erotica

Ebook Published September 15, 2014 Paperback Published September 15, 2015 45,000 words Erotica, BDSM, Fiction: LGBTQ © 2014-2015 Maverick Press ISBN 0-9907628-0-5 $7.99 digital book;…

Answers to some questions

Do you have a top five list of toys/accessories that you love and recommend? People’s sexualities are so different, so what’s best for me might…

Hello! I’m Sinclair

I’m a writer and teacher, and I lead workshops about using identity and power as tools for liberation. Through fields like feminism, queerness, trans &…